5 Moons - Stereo Update!

Good news! The 5 Moons can do stereo recording now! All that is needed is a quick firmware update!

To Update:

  1. Download the stereo firmware: pd.zip (158.1 KB)
  2. Connect your 5 Moons to your computer via the 5 Moon’s USB-C port. Allow to boot up.
  3. Enter Disk Mode by simultaneously pressing the five track select buttons below each fader and then release the buttons. The track LEDs will flash Green-Blue-Red to indicate Disk Mode is active.
  4. On your computer’s file browser, navigate to the 5 Moons’ disk drive. Locate the ‘pd’ folder and rename it to something like ‘pd-mono’ (just so you’ll have access to the original if you want it later).
  5. Copy the zipped file from step 1 to the root level of the 5 Moons’ drive. Unzip it. There should now be a new folder called ‘pd’:
  6. Eject the 5 Moons drive from your computer.
  7. Exit Disk Mode by simultaneously pressing the five track select buttons below each fader and then release the buttons. The track LEDs will display steady white.
  8. Update is complete.

Notes about Stereo Update:

  1. Any files recorded with the original monophonic firmware will work with the stereo firmware.
  2. You can record a monophonic signal with the stereo firmware.
  3. Bounce Down is stereophonic.

Wooooohooo! In sterereo in sterereo - in STEREO! Sign me up buttercup - loving your work C&G…


Got my 5 Moons this week, and that was my main letdown (I knew it was mono but still), especially for ambient-y stuff the stereo can do such wonders. Ready to make some wiiiide sound scapes! :smiley:

Didnt think it was possible, I assumed it would be just mono input sockets. Great forward thinking. Looking forward to posting a small first recording on the forum later. :slight_smile:

Yay!! I bought 5 moons yesterday, emailed support to say there was an issue with mine ( ended up I needed to push the monitor button for sound :laughing::smile:), apologied, then woke up to a reply from support, saying there was an update :grinning:. Bye bye real world, hello stereo bleeps and bloops!!

I dislike that in both of these cases, recorded monophonic material plays back only on the left channel.

Without a hardware way to pan on 5Moons, stereo recording on it needs to be all stereo, or else it kind of sucks in the playback department when mono sources like the 201 and Microphone are in the mix, all hanging out over on the left.

Is it a firmware possibility to take mono input signals and record them to both left and right on a track?


I second that emotion. An update that forces either both full stereo recording and playback (including previously recorded mono which in the new update only plays back on the left channel oh headphones etc) OR keeps the original mono behavior. Maybe have both options live on device and accessible via a button combination such as the Disk mode?

It would also be amazing if there could be a panning feature for each fader that made the top of the fader 100% Right and the bottom of the fade 100% Left and the center 50/50 stereo. So a way to toggle the volume fader between level and panning while in either recording or playback so you could do cool dynamic movement while capturing sounds or performing with the sounds!

Just some thoughts… Thanks for the stereo upgrade!!


I’ve plumbed the depths of my abundant cord and adaptor combinations to address this, there are some sort of straightforward but very suboptimal workarounds. Nothing I could find online for cables or adapters that I don’t already have.

  • a mono Y-cable / splitter out from a mono instrument or source, with the two mono signals going into adaptors and / or suitable cable arrangement ending in a 1/8" stereo plug into the 5moons. this is sort of fine for tabletop use with mono / synth things like the 201, effects pedals, etc., but it’s inelegant at best, requiring an assortment of adaptors and cables to connect.

  • with a mono source, not plugging in the 1/8 mono plug all the way into the 5moons input jack will send the signal to both left and right. it’s an old trick and can do in a pinch, but kind of sketchy and sensitive to movement - you have to find the sweet spot and not touch it. or even look at it.

what I came around to is a simple and cheap thing to make.
1/4" female mono panel jack input, and an 1/8" stereo plug end from an old earbuds for output.
grounds are tinned and soldered to the sleeve/ground on the 1/4" jack, and the L+R signal wires tinned together and soldered to the tip on the 1/4" jack.

It works perfectly to share a mono signal to the left and right sides of 5Moons stereo input.
All it needs is a very simple enclosure, and it’s something I think many diy inclined people here would be able to put together.

here it is hooked up with the 201 as I was testing it.

I’m planning to make an enclosure that will include a parallel 1/8" mono input, which solves problems for me which otherwise require adapters or special cables and shit, which I hate and try to avoid. Ideally the add-on enclosure will be doable in a slender package that will be attachable to the side of the wooden 5Moons enclosure and just make it part of the whole package, just slightly larger.

For me, it’s a good and flexible solution to the input issues at hand - having both 1/4 and 1/8 mono ins will be great, and it keeps the stereo update action in the mix. I can live with my existing mono recordings on the left (268 tracks in 61 folders :melting_face: ) They’ll eventually all go away or be replaced.

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Nice hardware hack. I’ve done a similar thing but using alligator clips to connect from the mono tip to both aux L+R. I imagine there is probably a mono → stereo cable that connects to both stereo L+R from the tip.

Even more so, I’d imagine it would not be too hard to have some kind of ‘input selection’ for the PD patch, for example by using the ‘VU meter’ button with a short press? I don’t know anything about Pure Data though, so this is pure speculation…

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I had a pair of long-dead small usb powerbanks with aluminum shells so I gutted them out to make enclosures. the blue one is 1/4" and 1/8" mono inputs which send the signal to both channels in the stereo input. (the 1/4" is a stereo jack, so I soldered a jumper across left and right so that it will also sum a TRS stereo signal to mono). I used Dual Lock to stick it to the side of the 5Moons - it’s sort of like velcro, but it sticks to itself instead of needing two different parts like velcro, and makes a very firm, but removeable “snap” connection.

and since I had the parts on hand and the tools out on the bench for the task, I made a different one. The red one is 1/4" TRS / stereo input, for a solid and nice connection point rather than trying to stick a 1/4 inch cable end with an adapter on it to go into the 1/8" input on the 5moons - a top heavy arrangement that would eventually ruin the panel jack. A 1/4" TRS / balanced patch cable will play perfectly with the stereo output on the Organelle and lots of other devices with that type of stereo output.

and with this TRS 1/4" breakout adapter cable, (also called send & return adapter) there are two 1/4" mono inputs for stereo recording with microphones or any other source, including two completely different mono sources effectively making 10 Moons, albeit with the inherent limitations.

I’m now ready for the stereo update! :star_struck:

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All my old mono recordings hard panned to the left after the stereo update. Little bit disappointing.

Not sure if this would suit your needs but there is the cheap and effective Beat Splitter from My Volts:



I’m doing great with the break-in/out boxes I made (shown above), but the beat splitter looks like it could certainly help folks. My Volts other stuff is interesting too - the pots and pans in particular. Never heard of them before, thanks for the tip!

Yep ! love your enclosure design and idea :slight_smile:
I own 2 Beat Splitters which saved me from tricky setup situations. Might get the Pots and Pans soon too.
Ripcords things from MyVolts are also interesting in some cases if you want to eliminate buzz from power supplies.

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I’m curious how the form factor of the beat splitter fits into the 5moons. it looks like the hook would wrap around the back, but that part of it might obstruct a button or two below the in/out jacks :thinking:

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I’m having trouble downloading and flashing the stereo firmware.
I’m using Mac OS Mojave and it’s not recognizing 5 moons disk mode.
I was using a bad usb cable all is well and running
the update.

I’m waiting on delivery of a 5 Moons, and want to make sure I have the correct cables to use it.

Is it the case that the input and output sockets are TRS, rather than TS

If they are TS, how do they do stereo?

I can confirm the my myvolts beat splitter does the trick.

I see no one answered here, and while i figure you have your unit and cables tested by now, this might be of interest for later forum visitors:

yes, the input and output of five moons is stereo, and uses ‘aux cables’, ie TRS minijack cables.

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Thanks so much Zeno!