Introducing 5 Moons!

Our new multitrack recorder/looper is here!

More information here:


this is really exciting! congrats on a new great instrument release :slight_smile:

i have a question tho…is asynchronous recording possible? can the tracks be made with independent length?


I was thinking earlier this week how nice it would be to have something simple, small, and fun to record ideas into. A second organelle didn’t exactly fit the bill so I am thrilled to see this. Immediately ordered. Awesome.


oy it looks so cool, already getting so excited about how i could add it into my set up!!!

but similar question as @glia - it seems to me that independent track lengths are possible, but what if you want to have your tracks synchronized? do you need to hit the stop record button at perfectly the right time?

Exciting indeed!
The looping sync question is intersting, and I have one more: is 5 Moons capable of overdubbing on a given track?

EDIT: I’ve just been reading the manual and I understood that whenever 5 Moons is playing audio, pressing a track’s “Record ready” button will engage recording for this track. Quetsion is: will the input audio mix be mixed with the already recorded audio (aka overdub) or replace it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes! The tracks can all be independent lengths.

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Yes, tracks with asynchronous/independent lengths is the default behavior.

Synchronized track lengths might be something we look into. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about MIDI quantization, etc. on our socials. As 5 Moons is now, it’s super fun and immediate - we don’t want to mess with those qualities too much.


Great question! If you record onto a track that already has a recording, the new recording replaces the old.

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Thanks for answering, @chrisk!
Another one: in the manual, the pictures in the Disk Mode section show a “pd” directory. Will 5 Moons be ok if brave pure data patchers decide to hack its core patch? :smiley:

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Claro que si


Uy que bien, madre mia! :smiley:

Firstly, this is awesome. This is a no brainier for recording modular patches and a no-fuss way to track experimental music. 5 Moons + Organelle + Microphone will be a wicked killa combo.

Couple of questions:

-Can a track be armed to record when it detects incoming audio? Just trying to envision how I’d use this as a guitar looper if one hand needs to be on the button… (Maybe y’all are cooking up a remote control USB foot switch for that unused USB port, along the lines of a Tascam 388?)

-I think a lot of us would agree this would make a next level field recorder w/ Microphone if this was battery powered, so I’m assuming when you say 5 Moons as a ‘field recorder’ you’re hinting you’d use an external power bank. Is there a power bank anyone would recommend specifically for this device?

-This is a mono in/mono out device. Are there plans to support stereo tracks in the future, or is the hardware architecture/design always going to be mono-only for this version?


-in terms of hackability, I’ve seen how wide open of a canvas Organelle has become over the years. Can any community members chime in and offer some examples on how this could be hacked?


Is 5 Moons shipping . I bought one and tracking only says order confirmed.

Thank you for your order! Yes we are shipping them. We have a large number of orders to get through. Thank you for your patience. If you have additional order-related questions, please respond to your order confirmation email.

Thank you for your reply

this looks great but why is it only mono?

Hey Chrisk,
Can 5 Moons be used with a usb Powerbank ?
And any suggestions for a usb powerbank ?
I have powered it with a fully charged powerbank and it shuts down after about a minute.

Hi @Vktrnk - Yes the 5 Moons can be powered by a USB powerbank. I just sent a DM with a few questions. Thanks

Thank you for your reply.


Here’s a user demo: