A community effort to update the Eyesy to Python 3

I’ve been programming for a few years but getting starting on a project like this is a bit over my head at moment and I’d like to contribute as much as I can to learn. I feel like if the Eyesy ran python 3.11+ it would be easier to program on and there would be so many more libraries available to use to make even more interesting things. I think it could also be a cool learning tool for newer programmers that way too. I emailed C&G a while ago and they got back to me within the last few weeks or so saying it’s basically on the back burner to do, so I wanted to come here then to say we as a community could maybe do it then. Would anyone be interested in trying to work together on this?

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Although this would be way outside of my skillset, I commend anyone trying to keep the Eyesy alive. Hopefully someone can help with you with this.

Personally, I think the oF/Lua fork being moved forwards would be a better use of any remaining development resources that Critter & Guitari are willing to throw at it, but a certain amount of radio silence regarding active development leads me to worry that pretty much all further Eyesy development might be on an indefinite back-burner. I hope I’m wrong.

I’ve never tried oF/Lua, how are these to program in? Is it easy to test out how it would be in an IDE and then just copy/paste it into the eyesy later? I feel like I don’t see much about the oF/Lua side of it

According to others it’s an easier language, but I’m not really a coder and can’t answer your question, soz. I am just interested in the “prettier” (more complex, 3D) imagery that can be produced.

Here’s a thread on here about it, there’s a couple of youtube videos in here showing some of the output:

I gave up with it pretty rapidly as it never got the midi features I would have needed to work in my setup, which is disappointing. Might have got a bit more stuck in with it otherwise.

Kinda agree that getting MIDI into the ofLua version might be of more interest, seems much more exciting.

No idea where to start on such a thing though!

Hopefully we can stir up enough interest that maybe some community members that are a bit more knowing can help get the ball rolling. I’d like to learn how to contribute I’m just unsure how exactly to get started haha