EYESY Example Modes for openFrameworks / openGL / Lua


We created some example modes for the openFrameworks / openGL / Lua - Beta OS we released a couple of weeks ago. You can download the examples here:

They cover basic things like lines, colors, meshes, etc., and also demonstrate how to use images, text, and video*. We hope that these examples are a good starting point as users start making their own modes and sharing them with the community!

*Note about video example: The video example mode takes more time to load and exit than the other examples. Please be patient! Due to the loading/exiting delays, playing existing video files on the EYESY is probably not advisable for a ‘live show’ setting. We included this example for users who want to incorporate existing video content when making modes for music videos, other post-production situations, etc., where quickly loading a new mode is not a requirement.


Love these. Trying them out now. Totally new to Lua so it is a high threshold but I’ll post what I find out some time. :slight_smile:

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just got the beta and had a lot of fun playing with these examples. I thought the 3D space was cool, but once I threw in the audio input, wow! incredible, can’t wait to see where this goes.

ordered the Lua book and will be digging in. looking forward to creating modes in this whole new world of visual expression!


Scripting experiment - modified gridrect example