A couple of dumb questions

Hi – I couldn’t find these answers through search, I guess the keywords are too generic. Grateful for any help…

  1. Just to make absolutely sure before I do it, any reason why it would be a bad idea to plug the L+R audio out to the L+R in? Curious what chaos I could cause with a patch feeding back on itself.

  2. The importance of unzipping patches directly in the organelle is making me wonder if it is bad mojo to move or rename files & folders using windows file explorer instead of through the web server. Can I organize my organelle USB drive via PC?

I don’t know the answer to the second question but a while back Critter & Guitari made this video about feedback in direct response to a user post on this forum:

Just be aware that things can get terrifyingly loud really quick with feedback so be careful with your ears.


Yes this is fine.

Thanks! I finally have the time to dig into the organelle and pd and I am having just too much fun. I love the combination of the minimal interface for performing and the depth of possibilities with open source patching… Never expected anything would lure me back into programming for fun.