Organelle M USB-stick won't connect to my computer

He guys,

I just bought an Organelle M and I am realllly happy with it!
But the USB-stick won’t connect to my computer. He can’t find the USB.
I tested it on my Imac (MAC OS X 10.9.5) and on my windows computer (Windows 10 pro), but both computers can’t find the USB drive.

I read on this forum that with the older Organelle (and the older USB stick) you could made a mistake by flipping it over. But this USB stick is different.

What do I wrong? Is there something easy i look over?
Anyone else had similar issues?

Thank you


Is this the USB that came with the Organelle M? That USB stick is actually a WiFi adapter, not a flash drive, so nothing will happen if you plug it into your computer. You can use it to transfer patches wirelessly (see Chapter 5 in manual). The Organelle M still works with a USB drive, but you will have to provide your own drive.

Aaah oke! Yes it is the USB that came with the Organelle. Thank you for your quick answer!
How should the lay out (or the structure) of my USB drive look like if i want to put some new sounds on the organelle? Is there something new in comparison to the old Organelle (and the older video tutorials i find on youtube and on this website?).

You don’t have to use a USB Drive to get new patches on the Organelle M. The included microSD card has a partition for patch storage. This storage partition is where the patches you currently see when you boot up your Organelle are located. You can add to or delete these patches (and other file management operations) by using the included WiFi adapter and following instructions in the manual:

The Organelle is flexible in that you can also use a USB drive for patch storage. At boot up or after choosing the Reload command from the Storage menu, the Organelle will check if there’s a properly formatted and organized USB drive connected and if it finds one, display the contents of the USB’s Patches folder. Instructions are here:

Please note: The Organelle can only display patches from either the USB or the SD card, not both locations at the same time.