A little question concerning input signal

Hi Critter&Guitari and friends,

When using any patch where i use an incoming input signal (like clds or orac or any other processing patch) i only hear the input in my left ear. (i.e the “dry” signal)
I’m not sure if this intentional or a hardware defect? And if this is intentional, is it possible to “enable” a stereo signal, or both the left and right signal from the input?

Thanks in advance,

is it a hardware defect? simple…
are using seeing the signal on the vu meter at the top?
does it work with other patches?
if you are, and its just some patches - then its a bug in the patch(es).
my suspicion is, its just a patch issue.

I think there might be a bug around this area with mono input (particular right) and orac/clds…
(cause because I usually send my input signals as stereo from a mixer, and I think I hear a bug when using just the right channel , its normal to put mono signals on the left )

important note : most fx (excluding clouds ironically!) are mono, so only respond to left (or stereo) inputs.
(this wont matter in 1.1 due to new panning features, see below)

sorry, I cant be more specific, but I dont have time to go ‘fishing’ to check the current releases, as:

a) clds is replaced by Orac,
I see no/little advantage of not using a ‘clds’ preset in orac, over a standalone clds patch, and Ive not the time to do both.

b) Orac
Ive totally changed the input gain, and panning structure for Orac 1.1, and as far as I can tell so far in my dev testing, its working perfectly fine in Orac 1.1
(and the added flexibly of moving in/out signals around the stereo field should deal with most use-cases)

due to the above changes, I’ll be doing some specific testing for 1.1 around panning an input signals, so it will be definitely good for the Orac 1.1 release.

but, at the moment, I dont know when Orac 1.1 will be released.
there are still things I want to add before release… and of course finding time to do these is challenging at times - the good news is many items on my ‘to do’ list are already done.


Hi technobear,

First of all, i’m really looking forward to Orac 1.1!
And yes, i just tested some other patches and yes it seems that hardware shouldn’t be the issue!
And yes… also in orac itself Clds works perfectly, should have it tested beforehand…

So thanks! I’m happy it’s a patch issue and my organelle is still in perfect shape!

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Ohhhhhh! This sounds great. Would love to be able to use L and R in/outs with separate module strings in orac.