Using Organelle Effects patches with Logic pro

Hi all, I’m somewhat new to recording, but would prefer to use a few effects patches in the org (plate reverb, compression) to send drums through. I’m using a Scarlett focusrite 2i2 (2 ins to outs) into Logic Pro.
An example of what I’m doing now: Sending a drum track out mono through the Scarlett into the organelle and back out into the Scarlett into Logic. Running through something like the re-tape patch and recording the output on a new track and mixing it in.
On some patches I only hear the left side coming into the organelle (plate reverb for example. - I suppose because I’m only sending a mono track out. In any case, I’d love to hear if other people are doing this and how you apply it. I can’t really tell if it’s any better than using plugins, but I like the control and feel more, turning dials, etc.


so to be clear - you’re saying, you send out mono (only left) and get back only left?

yes, this would depend on how the patch has been ‘coded’, if it expect a stereo signal then it would have this behaviour.
(the ‘issue’ is, a patch has no way of telling if you one or two cables plugged in, so cannot determine if you want mono or stereo)

in logic you could just send the same output to left and right? no?

alternatively, you can easily adapt such a patch , by simply connect the left input also to the right input of the effect.

In Orac I handle this slightly differently.
all effects are stereo, but in the router module - for each chain, you can ‘pan’ the left (and right) in the stereo field - ie. move the left change to the centre.

this allows amongst other things to have the left channel to go to one FX chain, and the right channel to another FX change - then either on output, sum them to stereo, or pan each chain left and right (ie. use as 2 independent parallel FX)