A tool that runs EYESY modes without hardware

I made a command line tool that lets you run an EYESY mode from your computer without having to run the hardware itself. When you run it, a pygame window pops on your computer to display your mode. I’m sharing it because I thought other people might find this useful for developing modes.

Here’s a link: GitHub - notmatthancock/eyesim: Simulator for EYESY visualizer


Thank you for your work. Could you explain how to run it for a noob? :smile: tried to instal Pyhton 3.10.5 before the use but I’m encountering some difficulties.



Sure, there are general installation and usage instructions on the README of the github page. What sort of difficulties are you running into? You can also feel free to make an issue on the github repo with the error message and context.


I made something similar based on another post I saw on here if you’re interested GitHub - trev-rock/Eyesy: This repository is dedicated to the Critter and Guitar Eyesy device maybe we can collaborate!


I’m sorry for my very noob request but I do not understand how to install pygame. I try to write the command: pip install eyesim
directly in the window of python

probably I’m wrong but I’m stuck in the first step :smiley: Sorry for the silly request.

You’re running pip from inside of Python. “pip install eyesim” is a shell command, and the Python REPL is expecting Python code. That’s why it yells at you about a SyntaxError because “pip install eyesim” isn’t valid Python code. You should run the install outside of python, i.e., in your command prompt, powershell, or whatever you use.

This is very cool! Has me thinking about installation possibilities. Is it possible to spin up a similar tool to have eyesy modes run on a raspberry pi with just an hdmi out?

Encountering some issues with getting scripts developed in the emulator back running on hardware. If anyone has any thoughts Id love to hear them.

Script Works locally in Emulator but not on Hardware - EYESY - Critter & Guitari (critterandguitari.com)