Displaying video & installing python packages

Hey there! Just got the EYESY and am trying to write a mode that displays my own video mp4 file as the background and draws over it. Tried following along with a couple examples from this Stack Overflow article, but have received errors for each potential implementation.

The pygame.movie module throws a “NotImplementedError: movie module not available (ImportError: No module named movie)” error. According to pygame’s documentation, the last version of pygame that supports the movie module is 1.9.2, and the EYESY has 1.9.3 installed by default.

I SSHed into the EYESY to try sudo pip installing pygame==1.9.2, and to try sudo pip installing cv2-python and moviepy (other packages referenced in the Stack Overflow article) based on another support article’s described approach to installing custom python packages on the EYESY. I was able to connect to the EYESY thru Terminal (I’m on a mac), however, for each attempted install I got a “No matching distribution found for [package]” error.

Has anyone successfully displayed their own video files or installed custom packages? Share your secrets pls! Thank you!