Adding multiple wifi networks to the Organelle

I just noticed the fantastic feature that you can so easily add multiple wifi networks to the Organelle M by logging in to the web server, and then choose them by name on the Organelle wifi settings.

Is this also something we can do on the Organelle-1? I have been using the patch on patchstorage that gets around this by changing the wifi settings, but it would be SO useful to have the functionality like we have on the M.

Is it possible/is it coming in an update?

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Yes, this is the plan. We are working on an OS update that will give the Organelle-1 these features. Hoping to have this out soon…



It is really great that you keep pushing the original even after the new model :slight_smile:

I really enjoy having two! hehe!

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hi :wave:

i’m sorry, i have the M, how does this work please…?
i worked on the Wifi Setup patch without knowing that! thanks

Connect Organelle M to Wifi(or create access point), start web server, type the IP of the Organelle M on your device/computer, choose to add new wifi connection. Works really well! Then you will have all those listed in your wifi settings later.

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Oh thank you! looks like i’m dumb, it was so big i didn’t saw it :joy:

that’s great !

Very nice to have the patch for the Organelle 1 until we get the update btw! Works well!

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