Organelle and WIFI

I have my ORG connected to my computer and I’m able to access the patch manager site. However, I have to switch back and forth between connecting/disconnecting to the Organelle AP server and my regular WIFI and I’d like to be able to access them both simultaneously. I got it to work once but I did it by accident. Ha Anyone know how I can get this done?

I’d like to know too - if it is poss. I don’t think it’s mentioned in the Org manual.

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The Organelle can only connect to one WiFi network at a time: either its own Access Point or an external network. In either case, you can access the Web Server/Patch Manager.

To join an external network, please see Section 5.3 of the manual.

Once the Organelle WiFi is started in either AP mode or by connecting to existing network, navigate to the web interface on your browser (via organellem.local or the IP address found on the Organelle’s Info page) and click Patch Manager. This will open the web browser based patch manager.

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