New ETC Modes Out Now!

We’re releasing four new ETC patches we want you to try out!

Lately we’ve been experimenting with more “animated” modes, where things float and drift across the screen. All of these modes are trigger-based (T). Three of them load images while one of them is a “drawing” mode. They all have slightly different behaviors, but a similar vibe. Download here. Happy drifting!

Here’s a description of each mode:

T - Marching Four - Img – Four images “march” across the screen at different speeds when triggered by the audio amplitude.

T - Marching Two Transparent - Img – Two images “march” across the screen at different speeds and in different directions when triggered by the audio amplitude. You can adjust the opacity of the images too!

T - Quad Spin Transparent - Img – Four images arranged in four quadrants spin incrementally when triggered by the incoming audio’s amplitude. This mode also has opacity control for the images.

T - Migrating Circle Grids – This one’s the best! Four grids of circles migrate and regroup on the screen when triggered by the amplitude of incoming audio.


Yes !! thanks you guys :wink:

Hey @thetechnobear! Think this would work with OTC?

I see no reason why not, all other modes do :slight_smile:

Im way behind loading up all the new goodies from C&G, been saving for a night when Ive got some time so I can really appreciate them, but with so many new things recently, its now going to be a very long session :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’m putting together a set list of scenes now, I’m probably going to use the Marching Four mode in performance on Aug. 30.

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We released nine new ETC Video Synth modes this week! These modes use LFOs to automate aspects of the imagery. Some modes are brand new. Other modes have been around but now include this new LFO functionality. The video above shows many of the modes in action. The modes are:

  1. T – Magnify Cloud – LFO
  2. S – Rough Fine Vert – LFO
  3. S – Simple – LFO
  4. S – Interference – LFO
  5. S – Circle Row – LFO
  6. S – Line Bounce Four – LFO
  7. S – Line Bounce Two – LFO
  8. S – Bits V – LFO
  9. S – Bits H – LFO

Here’s a mash up of many of the new modes:

This is a brief demo of the S – Rough Fine Vert – LFO mode: