Aleph's grid apps

hey @quilime, i think you did it! :smiley:

i re-run the SerialOSC-Installer patch, restart the organelle and open a grid app. left it playing all night and it’s still going :smiley: all old monome patches work and no more mysterious bug. all running smooth :v:

great work! :clap::raised_hands::pray:

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Cool, it’s been working for me too. Was working on some ideas with the [step] object into the night. It’s so nice not to have to program a sequencer again – and step gives you 2x tracks, too!

I may split out all the Grid apps into their own example patches to make it easy to create a new starting point, but for now they’re all lumped into that one example patch. Also need to integrate Ableton Link of course. :slight_smile:

I’ve added a new utility patch on patchstorage:


nice, those are some cool new futures. sadly i don’t use ableton that much.
i’m mostly using [kria] and [meadowphysics] so i can work on some exemples for the organelle. i have not yet tested [step] nor [whitewhale]

you and @rick_monster did a great job porting this apps to pd and the organelle. :pray::raised_hands::clap:
and thank you @quilime for a simple SerialOSC-Installer patch :smiley:

when loading patches onto the organelle, should i place the folder (exactly as downloaded) into the main root? or should i place the entire thing into the patches folder like i normally do? orrrrrrr do i take the folders inside and place them in the patches folder? thanks a lot!

hi @Velcro!

you should download folder from @quilime patchstorage and place into the patches folder like you normally do. if you have a recent organelle os, like 3.0 you can use patch sub folders.

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thanks! also, how do you sequence external gear when the monome utilizes a USB, and the flash drive utilizes the other???

USB hub! :smiley:

but of course!!! lol

Hi all - I want to say thanks so much to everyone who worked on getting the grid integrated with the organelle @quilime @rick_monster (edit: and ty @sno - clearly your troubleshooting was also a big help). I just received mine and am excited to get it working. Other than downloading the most recently posted link and installing it, is there anything else I need to look out for? Any suggestions on people’s favorite older/other patches for the grid or best to just start with the ones in the link?
Many thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:
edit: also, must I use a usb hub or can I plug directly into organelle? (saw something about this above, wasn’t sure if it was an exceptional circumstance)

there is another thread about this too I think

I am (very slowly) porting the Ansible Kria to Organelle - it’s not at the top of my list and work (non music) is eating all my time - but it is still an ongoing project! If all goes will Kria will run on Organelle OR Norns and will also send midi out. ETA - likely November but depends on day job work…

(it will be as an Orac module - my plan is to make a special router for it allowing it to send out notes to 4 separate chains - have wondered about building it into the router so the router is a special “Kira” router and Kria loads when the router does - or having it separate so other things can use the router which means the 1 less module in a slightly cramped config. Unknown as yet)


Pretty sure you can use a 64 plugged directly in.

In my experience, a powered hub is needed for the bigger bus-powered monomes – I have a 128, and if I don’t use a hub then only half the lights light up. Buttons work, tho. YMMV!

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So this may be a dumb question, but I just got a grid and this package all seemed to install ok. Turn knob 1 to go through the different apps and there’s plenty of light show, but nothing else. I see on the package page that these apps don’t make sound, but do they send midi to sequence external gear?


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Dug into these a bit more (just the installed patches, not the PD) and here’s what I found:

Knob 1: App selector: Kria, Meadowphysics, Whitewhale, Step, Grid
Knob 2: Param 1 - clock speed for Kria, White Whale, and Step
Knob 3: Param 2 - clock speed for Meadowphysics
Knob 4: Param 3 - CV value for WW

App notes:

Kria: Sends on midi channel 3, which is strange because Organelle is set to send on channel 1 in midi out config. Track 1 works, Track 2 acts the same, but no midi output
Meadowphysics: Buttons and light act/react as expected, don’t see any midi being sent
Whitewhale: Sends on midi channel 1. CV values changed via knob 4 (you can see the column go up and down) but seemingly no change to output. How to adjust note values?
Step: Buttons and light act/react as expected, don’t see any midi being sent
Grid: Buttons light up on press, don’t see any midi being sent

Does that seem as expected?

Hey @spacelordmother – Def not a dumb question. They are running as expected – I basically just set them up at their base level and the patches are running the tutorial patches. This is just the groundwork for your own patches, so all features may not be working or hooked up correctly. Hope that helps!

@quilime It definitely helps to know that things were communicating and that I wasn’t missing something obvious. Suppose it also helps encourage me to learn PD. :wink: