Align my expectations around loop mastery with 5 Moons

I have decent rhythm, enough to use a ditto looper with accuracy, but I can’t seem to land reliable loops with the 5 moons. Is this due to the nature of the device, or purely skill issue on my end?

I don’t think it is a skill issue on your end! The 5 moons is just a different device when compared with a looper like the ditto. It is more of a “multi track recorder that also loops”. No matter how good your timing is, you will never get the tracks to align perfectly, you might come close, but eventually they will drift. This asynchronous nature of the looping tracks is part of the appeal, but could also be viewed as a frustration. There could potentially be a version of the software (Pd patch) that does looping in a more synchronized way.


Thank you so much! My instincts were telling me that the device is really “built different” than a ditto looper, and it’s certainly not a midi synced looper.

I would absolutely love to see a patch that supported this, but I also really appreciate 5moons for what it is. I’ve found it works best in my setup for adding texture or a bit of the unexpected. It’s really a neat ‘less is more’ instrument.