Some questions about 5moons

I have some questions before buying:

  1. Can the 5moons also record in 24bit/48Hz?

  2. And can you adjust the panning for each stereo track? That would make it just a perfect device for mixing; I`m considering buying one.

  3. I was wondering if you can adjust the length of a track after recording? Say you made a mistake at the end of a recording, can you trim/edit/delete that piece out/adjust tthe start and end point so that it is gone when you want to loop?

  4. can you quantize the recording or is there a metronome included for recording for when you want beatmatched tight loops?

Thanks for the advice

This is a bit late, but maybe you found your answers in the more detailed Five Moons docs out there as well.

But AFAIK the answer to all your questions is a ‘no’. Five Moons is open source though, so depending on your skill in Pure Data some of these things might be possible.