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I did a port/modification of “Thery Scary”, a monophonic Theremin-style patch by Critter & Guitari - and one of my favorite patches supplied with the Organelle OS stock image. I have removed the „Scary“ (a field recording loop) and added a control for the attack. To give it a retro-futuristic vibe I have added a vintage-like fx chain consisting of harmonic tremolo, spring reverb and the tape echo from Astral Tape Dream with a fixed warble setting.

Since I’m not too happy with hidden shift button functions, as I usually accidentally activate a different mode in the heat of the moment, I’ve had to think about a different concept for multiple knob assignments. The shape knob acts as a bank selector for 3 banks, each with 2 functions (tone & surprise knob respectively). It is divided into 3 equally sized areas.

EDIT: Provided higher resolution images.

To avoid jumping values and thus a serious train wreck, I use an adapted version of the good old override function, which some may know from the Organelle. This saves the last value of the knobs before the bank change - for those of you who are not so familiar with its use: The knobs only change their value once the old, saved value has been crossed once, this unlocks the knobs. This sounds more complicated than it actually is, and I will record a video showing how to use it as soon as I have more time.


Knob1 (Shape): Bank Selector (1, 2, 3) split up in 3 equal sized areas.

Bank 1 - Theremin Attack / Decay:
Knob2 (Tone): Attack
Knob3 (Surprise): Decay

Bank 2 - Harmonic Tremolo / Spring Reverb
Knob2 (Tone): Tremolo Rate (0 - 12 Hz)
Knob3 (Surprise): Spring Reverb Amount

Bank3 - Tape Echo
Knob2 (Tone): Delay rate (synced to global BPM)
Knob3 (Surprise): feedback

FX Chain Order: Harmonc Tremolo > Tape Delay > Spring Reverb

Enjoy, or not! :slight_smile:


This sounds cool thanks! Great to have the Thery Scary on the Pocket Piano!

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Great stuff as always! Would it be possible to revisit 201 Pacifica with some of the effects section?

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Thanks! I’m considering adding delay & reverb to 201 Pacifica for a future update - unfortunately right now I have very limited time. You’re always allowed to do your own modifications though. :slight_smile: