Red Ranger for 201 Pocket Piano

Hey all, I’ve modified the stock Red Mode patch to have 8 voice polyphony, control over attack time, and isolated controls for vibrato rate and depth. This is my first 201 patch and I have next to no experience with pd so any and all feedback is super appreciated!

extra controls can be accessed by holding the shift key while turning the appropriate knob, although this aspect of the patch is currently a little buggy (knob values are sent to secondary functions every time the shift key is pressed).


Just updated this, the patch is now called Red Ranger and includes a bitcrusher. Secondary knob functions now work as intended.


whoaaaaa cool :slightly_smiling_face: thanks
shift knob is really great, and show the way for future patches !

It seems that the shift keys is not compatible with keys on. I mean, for shift+knob parameters, it’s either no sound or anchor sound, right ?

Well, I have to dig a bit into PD, I’d love to have the pitch knob back again…


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Yeah, either latch mode has to be on or a pattern has to be running in order to hear adjustments to the secondary settings in real time. I don’t think there’s a way around this unfortunately.

I will say that Red Ranger has a sort of “Easter egg” function. When the vibrato rate is 0 (such as when the patch is initialized), the surprise knob acts like a pitch knob. The original Pocket Piano did this too. In Red Ranger’s initial state you can use this to shift up by 5 semitones, or a fourth.

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ok thanks for the precisions ! The Easter Egg is really nice, although it was not what I seek…

In fact, it’s more a personal subject than your Red Ranger : I’ve used a lot of time the original PP red mode with the big pitch, and vibrato effect for long and gradual psychedelic evolutions on stage (with big FX it’s a thing :yum: or just changing octave with a glissando)
I would like to use my new PP201 but I need this mode ! So I have to go into the PD patch and see if I understand something, to put the original 1/2/3 knobs on the 2/3/4 (and maybe other cool options with the shift+knob trick)…well I need to learn first :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway your Red Ranger is a really cool stuff, and it makes me hope that there should be a way for my needs !

hey i just tried this, because i like the pitch shift much more than the vibrato. however, when switching to red ranger from another preset or synth engine, the bit crusher is always engaged and the envelope is set quite high, is this normal? i would rather like to have a clean sound without the bit crusher engaged when switching to this.
also the bitcrusher seems to start doing its thing with a delay when pressing a key, can someone confirm?

When I was first working on the patch I hadn’t really perfected the shift+knob behavior, I think this is the source of a lot of your issues. Right now Red Ranger is always reacting to shift key presses, even when it isn’t engaged or when you’re switching to it. In the time since I’ve learned more about pd and the mother patch so I should be able to remedy this in an update soon. As for the delayed crusher effect, I think this may have to do with having a slow attack time but I can’t say for certain without further testing on my end. I’ll look into it.

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