J Dillicious- Download


Hello everyone,

This is just an adaptation of Beats and Pieces, that instead having delay, it has the reverb used in Sampler Style patch.

It has a basic selection of samples with J Dilla style (I downloaded them from a Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0dj7JSA8ug

Knob1: Changes the volume of vynil noise
Knob2: Sample release
Knob3: Reverb amount
Knob4: Wet / Dry %
Aux: Midi sequencer

Enjoy fellas!


Here’s a video of me using the patch (with a couple extra flute samples from the same sample package) and a friend loading the drum samples in his spd-sx


Hi! I think the “Scary” patch from C&G does exactly what you need : press aux, a sample of a nocturn forest is played and looped, press again and it stops, while the keys play a theremin like synth. You should check it out.


Cool, thanks! I’ll fix it when I get home :slightly_smiling_face:


Dude I got it wrong, I think the patch allows you to control the loop volume with knob 1, while the aux button starts a vibrato on the theremin. Sorry!


Cool man, thanks! I fixed it. And I got to say it was exciting haha, more for a musician who is a newbie in patching or any sort of programming.

Knob1 changes volume of the loop (as in “Scary”) and Aux plays/records midi sequences ( as in “sample style”).

Kudos bro!


Looking forward to trying this one!


This is super fun, love me some dilla. Heads up the aux vinyl sample isn’t looping still on the version available on patch storage. Minor though, the samples are super fun to play with :smiley:


Oops, I forgot to update the .zip :sweat_smile: Please download again.


Man, I just downloaded this today. And this is by far my favorite drum patch that’s been made. Kudos. And thank you so much for putting this together!


That’s very kind from you! A pleasure being able to share some love in an open-source community!

Cheers :beers:

Here’s a jam using it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H17pFrHnjxY


This is an excellent reworking of a C&G patch.
Must have been twenty minutes from downloading that I already had it featured exclusively on a new track. Really inspiring and easy to use. Patch worthy of its name, I only just got into sampling but in my mind this is just how I figure the MPC plays. (minus the square pads)