Any Way To Use iPad as the Display for the Organelle?

I was wondering if anyone has come up with a way to use an iPad with the Organelle, as the display device? Alternatively, perhaps it would be cool to be able to run Pure Data on an iPad, and then output patches to the Organelle…

Any thoughts?


I don’t think this is a native function of iPads, but there might an app that let’s you send video to an iPad to display.


Thanks for your reply. One possibility that I was thinking through. If the Organelle OS had a VNC server in it, or something like it, then one could run a VNC client on just about any tablet or PC. That would eliminate the need for the cable if the Organelle could do it via Wifi (USB Dongle).

Just a thought …

Wow … I appended my above append before I saw this on the Teenage Engineering site:

OP-Z progress

we’re currently working on the final specs for the OP-Z hardware. in parallel we’re also also working on the graphics and user interface for the wireless remote displays. OP-Z will use to your phone, tablet or even tv to display this info. it’s all coming together rather nicely! stay tuned…

Organelle needs this function!!


Old thread but wondering if any progress’ been made on this. Would be a great addition.

You could run tigervnc on organelle then a vnc client on ipad to display pure data patches.
iPad is probably a little small unless you make the patch controls a bit bigger than you’d need on computer screen.

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I was searching similar and found this. Not sure what’s involved as I’m fairly new with organelle/pi

pd already works just fine on the ipad/iphone and has for years.
i am relatively sure if you want to connect for “controlling patches” with graphic elements you can use either

pd party
or Dan Inglesias’ Mobmuplat

and then use OSC/netsend~ etc. to control stuff
I used it successfully to control GEM patches live for years in live performance
i don’t know why it wouldn’t work straight away now that there’s a server working

Just learn a little OSC and you can connect to an adhoc and UDP to send messages

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wow I’m slow at reading msgs. Actually I wanted to use it to mimic the system display I’d see via the HDMI. Basically terminal services style.


use VNC? Remote Patching (using VNC)
or ssh?