Hello- New User

Hi All just got my new Organelle. I was really caught by surprise as to how diminutive the size is, its really tiny, was hoping for a bigger screen just to keep the visuals on sight, but i guess this is a more play by ear instrument.

Now where exactly do i start with the organelle? is there a basic guide or manual or videos? Also is there a way i can hook up to a larger display ( i have a spare IPad and Iphone S)


Critter & Guitari provides both a manual and videos on how to create patches in Pure Data for the Organelle.

I am not sure if the Organelle can be connected to an iPad or iPhone but the manual describes how you can connect it to a monitor via HDMI.

Also check out patchstorage.com for loads of patches
Definitely download all the c&g patches.

What visuals are you hoping for? Past what the oled screen already displays there isn’t really any patch that displays what notes you’re playing or anything. But it’s laid out just like a piano. Only difference is the keys are buttons. You can hook it up to a larger monitor through hdmi. But that really is just for patch making/editing patches. Or the OTC if you have it.

There are quite a few demo videos and such on YouTube that you can find through any generic search.

I remember the first thing I did was play with the Arpeggio Synth patch - definitely a fun way to start!