Anybody Messed with Slinky Clock Text Mode?

Image 2-24-21 at 2.55 PM

So I can see where the 8s come from and it says “use unicode values for characters.” I assume the (56) is the number 8, and it also appears to be that value in the unicode, pictured here as HTML-code.

when I try to change the characters, however, the 8s all remain.

any clues?

Cool, got it!

It’s definitely the HTML-code numbers. Then just “reload mode” and save. Done.

This is actually easy to do. I finally found a unicode converter that made it way easier:

Example (left side of screen):

Unicode translator

There are many other unicode charts/converters on line if you just Google them.

this is awesome. Which other mode are you using for the bouncing waveform?

edit: …in the beginning just after the words fade away…

Thanks! The only part of that piece that uses the Eyesy is the text on the left. Everything else is Touchdesigner.

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Which version of TouchDesigner are you using?? …Just looked into it…

@PlumWrinkles Just the latest version on Mac.

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I just looked up List of Unicode Characters in Wikipedia. Used the #s listed in the Decimal column… that seems to work fine.

The default font is pretty boring so I substituted it with something a bit more expressive… It just has to be a .TTF (TrueType Font) that has all the characters that you’re trying to use. Some Display Fonts are incomplete character sets. If you stick with all Caps and Numbers only though most fonts are perfectly usable.

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oh, sweet! I’m definitely going to change the font

Hey guys! I read through this thread and was able change the characters to spell words I want easily following your instructions. I’m really interested in changing the font. Can someone walk me through that part of the process as well?

Hi @WARBLYJETS , you can just replace the font.ttf file in the mode folder with the TTF font of your choice.

You will have to do one of the following:

  1. Rename the new font file to font.ttf
  2. Update the file with the new font name such as:
    font = pygame.font.Font(etc.mode_root + "/warblyjets.ttf", size)
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Thanks so much this worked!! I appreciate your help.