Help needed, Eyesy mode broken

Hello everyone,

I picked up an Eyesy a couple months ago to use for visuals for my bands live show. I’ve been experimenting with loading in my own PNG files and creating custom modes in AP that run in sync with our show via a midi file sending PC and CC data being played by a Cymatic LP16, and a source audio feed coming from the same machine. I wanted to reset the SD card that came stock with the Eyesy back to its original settings and found the EYESY-v2.1 file on this forum, downloaded it, and flashed it back onto the original SD. I’m now getting an error on a particular setting I really liked and wanted to use. The “Font Patterns” setting. I’ve tried re-flashing the SD card a few time’s as well as flashing onto a different SD card I even tried re-downloading the OS file in case that was corrupted. I keep getting the same error no matter what, it works for about 15 seconds and then crashes. Excuse my ignorance because I’m by no means a coder but I was hoping someone might be able to let me know what this errors message means and hopefully even walk me through how to fix the error so the Font Patterns mode will work again… My band is starting a residency 1 week from today our hometown of LA and I’m racing against the clock to get this working.

Here is the error message:

Traceback: (Most recent call last):
File “”, line 195, in
mode.draw(screen, etc)
File “/sdcard/Modes/Python//T - Font Patterns/”,line 29,in draw
Text = font.render(unistr, True, (color)
error. Text has zero width

Any help is appreciated!


Is that really the latest file? I would think Eyesy is on OS v2.2 for now.
Also, congrats for the residency and welcome to forum!

Actually to clarify, I’ve tried flashing v2.2 and also V2.1 with the same outcome from both. And thanks!

This thread contains the answer:

There is an issue with the character set used in the mode, editing the mode will resolve the issue.

There are suggestions and code examples in the thread.

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Awesome! Thanks so much this fixed it !

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