Anyone replace their knobs?

I would like to swap out the knobs on my Organelle, preferably for something metal. Has anyone found any that are a good match? I wonder if the Strymon BigSky/Timeline/Mobius replacement knobs would work? They sell them both with and without indicator line.

Yep :slight_smile:

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A fellow PO KO owner :slight_smile: How did you remove the knobs could be fun but I’m terrified of breaking something stupidly

You can follow the instructions on the thread : knobs must be 6mm D shaft.
It s very easy to replace them, by levering with a small screwdriver.

Did you ever end up ordering those knobs? The Strymon anodized aluminum knobs would look very very slick on the Organelle. I can’t seem to see the actual specs on them though? Not sure if they actually would work.

My adventures with knobs…

The strymon knobs fit perfectly and feel pretty good. They are a bit small and I do think a skirted knob would look a bit better. YMMV. image


Nice! that does look pretty slick, and clean though. Really like it.

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Same knobs (from