Arch LINUX stuff


i wanted to start a separate linux thread regarding changing/upgrading features to the organelle~ without
breaking anything crucial that makes the organelle work properly
it would be great if i could see a pacman.conf as to not inadvertantly upgrade and break a core feature.

for example i cannot run makepkg -si as root and that is preventing me from installing csound which is only available with aurget in aur/community but i don;t want to add a user and screw up a login setup

maybe i am overthinking it but with linux i would rather err on the side of caution and avoid headaches later

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The entire OS is set to read only. To set it to read / write you have to remount.

mount / -o remount,rw

Another good thing to do is setup a systemctl to get scripts to boot on startup!

I remade /etc/rc.local by creating a systemctl service.

as @wo3 said, after you set the disc to read/write you should be able to make changes to the disk.

When my Organelle shipped (YMMV), there was a folder called /root/scripts and inside was a bunch of convenience scripts, one of which is and, which mounts the disk as read/write and read respectively. There’s other stuff in there, too, and it’s a good place to store your own scripts as you make them.

you cannot makepkg as root, you have to create a user, i did not want to create a user and then have it stall because of login issues.
i am not fully comfy with Arch yet, i get the concept now but when i wrote the above i was struggling with csound and if you have ever compiled it from source it can be daunting on a system you are expert in, so on a system i had no experience with i erred on the side of caution as i shared. It’s all good now. beyond csound~, rtcmix~, LADSPA, abl_link~ and perhaps supercollider running via shell i think i am comfortable and confident with the organelle now.