Are there any realistic sounding piano patches?

I’ve been looking for a somewhat realistic sounding piano patch. The ones I tried so far were very lo-fi, or they simply play a sample the same length regardless of whether you hold the key down or release it.

I tried loading some sound fonts, but many didn’t work, and the Organelle seemed like it was having trouble keeping up with at least one of them.

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Have you tried Cinematic Piano? It’s on patchstorage and it sounds great to me.

Yes. The sound itself isn’t too bad on that one, but the note length doesn’t seem to be affected by releasing the keys, so it sounds like I’m playing with the sustain pedal down.

It’s true, that’s why I wasn’t sure if I should mention it to you. That’s all I’ve come across in terms of piano. Would like to hear more patches using piano as a base.

There’s also Lo Fi Piano and Piano vs Flute (just turn the piano up to 100%).

Anything more realistic involves samples which can make it too big to upload to patchstorage and github, or has license implications relating to the samples.

Just uploaded this though which ideally will turn into a few more pianos to select from.

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Your new patch is pretty much just what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing!

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Added some Steinway samples made by UIOWA. You need to download the first patch again and then unzip the sample pack into the folder as said on Patchstorage if you want to use them.

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This is great. Thanks for this.

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