Working on a New Patch: Spruce

Inspired by the M1 Piano patch and owing ALL of it’s present structure to Polybeats DRG32V, Spruce will hopefully one day be a finished patch with the functionality of a Polyrhythmic Steinway Autopiano.

The iteration of Spruce that is attached here contains just two octaves of piano samples sourced here: []

The original files were very quiet and notes did not start at the beginning of the clip, so I’ve given them a bit of gain and trimmed them a bit in ableton.
Currently, DRG32V can only add 24 triggered notes (the amount of keys on the organelle) to a polyrhythmic sequence, but with others’ help I would like to add the rest of the octaves so that the full range might be played with an external midi keyboard or maybe exchange the velocity function on knob 3 with an octave switch if people aren’t attached to the velocity setting.

You might notice some aberrations in a couple of notes, these will be re-sampled and fixed in the next version.

Finally, the CPU usage readout when using this patch is very high - 100 percent, so if anyone knows what might be causing this please tell me. I did think it’d probably be the length of the wav samples, but many other patches use long samples (e.g. mellowtron) without eating more than 30% cpu. These are only 16bit too. It does seem to be a tremendously big file compared to most patches though. Edit: Hmm, now it seems to hover at around 30% which is fine.

It takes a second to load up because of this, but play it at low tempos and I think it sounds pretty lovely.
If you know your stuff and would like to help a struggling berk - please do!


Sorry, I should have been more direct in my first post. Does anyone know how to expand Polybeats so that notes can be placed on keys outside the 24 keys on the organelle itself? I have 4 Octaves of wavs for each tone, so I’d need to expand the sequencer to 48 slots.

Hey! Is this available on patchbay or anything? I like the sound of the wavs.

I couldn’t upload it to owing to the size of the sound files. If you go up to ‘download all’ then copy the whole file containing the wavs and the pd files onto your organelle it will work! Or you could open main.pd from the file menu after opening the desktop mother patch on your computer.

Awesome! Will check this out tonight or tomorrow!

Hey Wannop, great idea! I think the melodic use of the polyrhythm sounds lovely. My guess as to why it is running at 100% is that these are pretty large wav files that it would be playing a lot of at the same time.

Some of these wav files are like 30 seconds long, even through they stop making sounds at like 5 second mark. I bet if you trimmed these down then the CPU usage would decrease as well. The difference between the mellowtron and this is this patch could be playing a LOT of samples simultaneously.

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Sounds great! Really fun to use polybeats with melodic sounds. I get around 30% CPU too as expected. The length of sample shouldn’t affect CPU usage as long as they don’t use all the available RAM, but will take longer to load.

Changing polybeats for more keys is definitely possible, but unfortunately would require reworking the patch a bit. Currently each key gets its own sample player (24 note polyphony), and I don’t think the Organelle could handle 88 sample players. Of course you don’t need 88 playing at once, but this does require rewiring things a bit.


Cheers lads. I’ve uploaded a folder of new piano sound files (less lo-fi and don’t ring out as long) set up to be easily dragged and dropped into various patches of your choice. I intend on using some with H Rando too, setting each key to randomise the octave of the note played - we’ll see what the results are there. Obviously you could also use this with sampler style etc. If anyone has any other cool ideas please let me know as i like cool ideas.
Anyway, there are two main folders - one full of sounds from a grand piano and one from an old upright piano. In each of these folders are several subfolders each containing a full scale of each octave.
What I’m doing with these files is figuring out which two octaves i’d like to use first (24 keys on organelle, 12 sounds in each octave). I delete all the wav files from the original polybeats patch folder, after that i copy the contents of the first octave file into the polybeats folder, then i make a copy of the higher octaves files and start renaming them 13, 14, 15 … up to 24 so the Organelle knows where to place them on the keyboard. Then i drag and drop these into the Polybeats folder. After that, I just rename the polybeats patch folder to fit with whatever octave combo it is or sound type e.g. I have one called ‘Spruce - Low Grand’. Most of you might probably know this stuff but I dunno, just in case anyone has just got their organelle and is figuring things out…
Anyway, here’s the folder - have fun!


Ah, this may remain a dream then!

Man, you’re my new favorite person! :heart:

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@Wannop, on the Long Grand sample set, sample 3.wav on folder 2 is cut, any chance you could re-sample it to include the full note decay?

Bugger, knew I’d leave something wrong with it! Yes I’ll fix it soon as I can and repost here.

That would be awesome, I’m absolutely loving this patch! I also created a copy with the Rhodes samples from @chkbeto, works great too!


Wannop: Substitute this two files to handle 48 samples.
sampler-voice.pd (5.5 KB)
main.pd (6.2 KB)


Wow, that’s even better, I didn’t know it could work on this patch too. Thanks so much!

It’s so great you’ve done this mate, thanks very much. Not tried it yet but can’t wait to! Is this configured for powpows polybeats rather than drg32v?
Just in the process of uploading a replacement sample set of the piano sounds @luis.costa !

These files are an adaptation from DRG32V patch, and it works awesome :slight_smile:

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The new sample set :smiley:

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Hey peeps! I hope this is a good place for this question since it could apply to this patch. I curious if anyone has tried to make keyboard where you only need one sample - a piano at middle C, for example - that pitch bends (transposes) that sample to every note on the keyboard. This is how the Ableton sampler works as well as early digital sampler synths like the Roland SK-1 and SK-5.

I would be so psyched if anyone knew of a patch like this. It would be awesome to have a bank of samples that you could scroll through like the Mellotron Patch that Donner made. And, it would be so much easier to mess around with samples if you didn’t have to make individual ones for each note.


Basic Sampler and Wepa! do something like this!