Astral Tape Dream

Hey everyone!

After a somewhat longer break, I have just uploaded a new instrument mode. Simple, nice and easy if ethereal dreams are your thing. I’m not reinventing the wheel here and am using a lot of ready-made building blocks and basically the patch is nothing more than an autoharp chased through a fake tape echo signal path. You can find all the fancy details on Patchstorage. I like it and I hope you do too! A video might follow soon… or not… :disguised_face:


sounds cool, a video would be nice!

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Thank you!
TBH my video setup is very amateurish (it involves rubber bands, an old smartphone and a mic-stand) and I’m not too keen on doing videos. The whole process of even recording a quick demo video takes so much time I’d rather invest in making music or coding… but if I find the time and joy recording something I might do it. Sooner or later… rather later though… :slight_smile:

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ok i just received my pocket piano and tried this patch. i don’t know why but i randomly get really loud white noise bursts when playing this?

Admittedly this patch is very much on the loud side and I will tame the output a bit in a future update, but I haven’t come across any random white noise bursts yet. What does it look like when you set the volume control to a lower setting? Did you follow these steps? → Critter & Guitari Manual
Do you have any more details?

Just released an update: Samples get now loaded into arrays at startup as I had again some issues with pops. The delay has been vastly improved - I have sacrificed free delay for global tempo-synced delay. You can choose now delay sync rates between 1/2 dotted to 1/32 notes. I’ve also added a simple envelope and a hidden shift function on the surprise knob: Wah Wah - as already used on Clavinette but it’s such a good fit here. Hope you like.

… and I finally recorded that video. It also features Caroline, the friendly professional British AI voice.


Loved the update! So much more usable. Thanks a lot.

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