Using LADSPA Plugins

Hi there,

I wonder if it’s possible to use LADSPA plugins on an Organelle and if yes, how. Has anyone tried this?


what LADSPA are you thinking about?

Yes, they all work on organelle!

about 100 new effects, sound generators and several complete [CAPS, CMT] tool suites are available with the plugin~ external for pd organelle~

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these rule you know. think of this as a folder of the best VST plugins in the world and they work in organelle.


I would really like to use these in my patches. Can you please tell us how to install them and include them in the Organelle patches? Thank you!

right now if you support shreeswifty on Patreon, you get access to the LADSPA stuff :slight_smile:

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In the same boat. Recently purchased an organelle and I am not sure how to install ladspa.
Do I just copy the ladspa folder to my usb and then plug that back into organelle?

Hi Black
It’s just like the Fluidsynth~ install for the Vintage Synth Emulations
You download it
you unzip it and make sure that you ro/s does not create and extra folder inside a folder deal
you place the folder in Patches
You Run the patch, It installs
You reboot and then the libraries are installed for you

Then Certain Patches that run/use LADSPA work



Thank you for a speedy reply. Can’t wait to get home and try em.

Sorry to be a pain when unzipped I see a folder of fx labelled so and 4 other files sa store, ladspa.h and main. pd
Do I simply copy the fx folder to my USB to then perform the steps outlined above?

there should be one main folder
Don;t make it harder than it is :slight_smile:

:joy: cheers for your patience. Thanks again for your help and all these other goodies you have posted on here.

its meeee again :grimacing:
I copied the whole "install ladspa " folder
Ran the patch
And rebooted organelle
Should I now see a folder of the ladspa plugins ?
All I can see is the install ladspa folder and selecting that simply repeats the rebooting process.
Side note
I copied a little Rhodes patch from this site as well and that works nicely.

no again it’s just a library that give you certain effects when needed. lets try something fun

Install this Patch

put it inside Patches. Don;t worry about what is inside the folder :slight_smile: . Just put it in patches. Reload your patches or reboot the organelle then Attach some sort of input to the organelle. Something like a guitar or whatever you like really.

Run the patch. play with the knob.

Report back when you have time

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Thank you for your endurance. Will try this when I get in.

To be sure when you put the “install Ladspa” folder on your organelle you have to run the patch once, that runs the install script with all the file. Then you reboot once. Then you can run the Exaggerator for a test as detailed in previous posts

Exaggerator installed and working lovely.

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So the thing is: should I be able to see a folder of ladspa library of effects so I can load one like I can with exaggerator?

nope! the ladspa install patch just sticks some new tools in your organelle should any patch ask for them, like say, the exaggerator patch which relies upon some extra ‘externals’ (tools) in order to work properly. now you’ve installed LADSPA you can delete the install patch - the result of the install will remain and you can keep using ‘exaggerator’ and other LADSPA patches.

someone back me up on this ive had a couple beers and could be talking out my butt…