Audio over wifi

Is it possible to send audio out from the Organelle over Wifi, preferably using its own wifi? Compressed audio is fine but should be stereo.


yes, but apart from the ocasional glitches. if wifi fails, cpu usage goes very high to the point of freezing the computer. I’m talking raspberry 3 times and certain audio streaming pd objects…

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Thank you for responding. So, I should forget about it then. I’ll look into beaming audio over Bluetooth with an iPad or a separate battery-operated Bluetooth transmitter.

If you have time, you could try [mp3cast~] and [streamout~]. (I didn’t try the mp3cast). Maybe you find a right combination…
Anyway… Probably you will have some latency using this methods.

Sorry for responding so late to this. I’ve given up on the idea. I’ll use either bluetooth speakers - probably not a good idea outdoors as bluetooth is also not very reliable - or use an actual headphone amp with multiple outputs and make myself look like some sort of alien octopus with people attached to me. :slight_smile:

Or maybe by the time I’m done with this project, the Coronavirus will have already disappeared and my efforts will be in vain.