Automatonism 2

pure data has a find feature.

I’m trying, sorry if this comes off as a waste of your time. I’m a patreon supporter by the way–your work brought me to the organelle and I am really grateful for your patch mania!

send me a message there and i can give you the support you donate for


hi folks!
anyone having issues with send and receive symbol?.. i can’t seem to send any values to any objects…
to send change values of rate into clock 1, the send sound be 1-clock-clk-rate-r, right or am i wrong?

Quick Automatonism 2 wavetable / sequencer patch, created as part of a YouTube tutorial that went great except I forgot to press record on my iPad! :joy:

Notes on patch / Automatonism:

  1. There are 4 Organelle modules for the keys, aux button, knobs and outputs
  2. Here the keys transpose the sequence driven by the sequencer
  3. The knobs are mapped to the x, y and z parameters of the wavetable and the filter cutoff
  4. The aux button turns the clock on and off. The clock advances the note sequencer and triggers the decay envelope
  5. The filtered wavetable output gets sent to delay and reverb which then go into 4 channels of the mixer
  6. I’ve added a simple file to edit the screen UI - click on [simpletext] to edit

Automatonism is so much fun!


Looking forward to digging into this!

Likewise! I couldn’t get the automatonism organelle specific modules to behave for the life of me so I’ll be interested to dissect.

Automatonism behaves like eurorack so sometimes you need to change attenuators sliders to get the knobs to work as intended. I’ll try and do a proper tutorial at some stage, as originally planned!


wonderful! i can learn a lot from this example.

it would be great to be able to change the tempo and the note scale, but i think that would involve multiple pages.

the sound is ace by the way!

Would it help if I added a multi page template in a (semi) user friendly format?


i think that would be fantastic!

Yep! Would be great :+1::+1::+1:

Ok, try this:

There are 4 menu pages on the Organelle, use encoder to change page. Select the knobs or aux input modules on Automatonism and use the selection buttons to select which menu page it reacts to.

To keep the page settings on the “Organelle Knobs” and “Organelle Aux” modules you’ll need to set up loadbangs as shown in the example below:

To save the knob settings use the “Save” function on the Organelle itself. Automatonism generally should save the settings for the other modules but this doesn’t work on Stereo-Delay for some reason. Need to work out why this is.


That’s fantastic, thanks so much man

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The sequencer doesn’t have an inlet for note scale so you’d have to dig a little deeper to set this up. Certainly do-able but Ieft this off the example above so it would be more straightforward to understand.

okay. i see.

anyway, this is great! thanks for setting up the multiple pages!