AUX4 Selects New Preset
Other Aux’s select/randomize kits and set pattern lengths
Playing Keys 60/61 TapTempo and Sync the times
The 80-83 also randomize drums
There is a Buffer shuffler, delay and reverb for a Kick, Snare and a HiHat

This generates some interesting LeftField techno beats :slight_smile:


I think you undersold it here.


Seriously. I think this might be your best drum machine yet. it’s ace!


ARe you sure you are just not liking the cute skull with headphones graphic i appropriated? :slight_smile:



Is it just me (or my organelle)? When I hit button 62 to select the next preset it skips the even numbers… one press jumps two values. (cool patch otherwise!)

…after it goes around 30, it comes back to even numbers skipping odds.

thank you


hey thanks for the feedback …if it’s doing what i think it’s an easy fix!

cheers and thanks for the bug catch


I also added a CHAOS FUNCTION on the random drum buffer
press 63 and it changes based on a chaos equation


Truth! So good.


Who !!! This is sick man ! love it !! thanks a lot