QuadBeat I


QuadBeat is an Algorithmic Drum/noise maker
It has 4 drum identities that have 3 algos a piece
It sports a Flanger, a Reverb and a Buffer Shuffler

QuadBeat is a MIDI Master Clock. Gear Syncs to IT. QB is in control

Buttons do ALOT of stuff

AUX One Turns QB on/off
Other ones are reported to the LED Screen via screen Line 5

Because there are 6 elements to each drum [Attack, Decay, Offset, Amount, Rate, Noise] there is a simple routing system via Menu 2

83, 82 81 80 randomize each drum
79 sets a new drumpattern
78, 77, 76, 75 clears individual drum lines
the rest are used for programming the drums and setting effects on/off. Drum 4 only has shuffle


i just gave it a small update, if you donwloaded please grab it again

**fixed Shuffler Menu
**Added Descriptors for Drum randomizations & LEDS

This is a mad one, loving the sounds.

after the day i had yesterday i appreciate the vibe