Drumbo~ the 6 channel MIDI controlled drum machine


I spent the morning setting up a 6 channel MIDI controlled sample based drum machine for Organelle~
It is named after John French ‘Drumbo’ a member of the magic band who i was introduced to in college with my fascination and love for the american painter and composer Don Van Vliet AKA Captain Beefheart. My Eurorack rigs are named “the trout mask replicant” and the zoot horn. SO anyway i started working on this in different areas [addressing the six channels without using a dozen menu pages and loading files from folders without users having to rename dozens and dozens of files. In addition i have been working on a sample player loader that has a “crown” array that removes annoying clicks at the end of sound files and can play backward and at variable speeds for tuning.

I chose 6 because that will give use a nice variety and posiibly two effect channels which we can arrive at based on feedback from users

In addtion, i have spent a HUGE amount of time making this MIDI tempo “READY” meaning i want to add a simple midi tempo adjustment on it so users can sync this seamlessly to their existing setups.

With this I ask again [i can;t seem to find the thread where i asked about MIDI tempo. Does someone have a link for the BEST midi tempo abstraction that i can look at? I have done a bunch of math but i would really like to have it fit midi wise into the C&G family of patches without too much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I am also thinking about creating a sample loader that would sample from external sources and enable anything to become a drum, The skeleton is complete and i am ready so please forgive the re -ask but if i don’t see any really usable code i am going to default to one of the latest C&g masterpieces like the argeggiating sequencer for my midi stuff

Thank everyone~



look at master-metronome.pd in any of the C&G patches. It takes value in and ouputs 24 ticks per quarter. If MIDI clock is present, it uses that instead of internal.

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okay cool
i thought there was a newer one but i can’t find the thread. the last one i took from the Deraphy patch that worked pretty well as i recall


This sounds like it could be brilliant Patrick. So much than just a drum machine from the sounds of it. If you can live sample into it, it could fulfill the duties shmorphagene or count2five occupy for me at the moment - but with more ability to change patterns etc? Really cool. The ‘crown’ array to avoid pops and clicks on retrigs will make a big difference too. Very psyched for this :smiley:

This patch sounds really well put together, hyped to try it! Cheers

if you’d be unhappy if that was the case. This will only sample for one second, two seconds max and then resize for a drum sound [one-shot] style if you know what i mean by that

Shmorphagene and count2five are sampling effects almost like the recent one Equinox where i try to get a long as possible sample into a buffer and then read through the table this will be much much smaller to fit into the patterns and sound like a strike to a degree

hope this helps

I actually meant that as a positive as they are some of my favorites and thought they could be further improved by more pattern customisation options and a short enveloping option! Excited to try equinox, I’ll be back home and all over it in a few hours. Psyched!

no worries i just didn’t want everyone to be disappointed

The programming function will be similar to a few others – a way i have devised for routing on/off for 6 channels with 16 steps each.

You will choose Channel: Kick, Snare, Hat, Perc, FX, Synth
Then Choose the Step: 0-15 [16 steps]
And then select on/off

This took about 4 hours to program properly

I have updated the sound file reader/counter so the user can simply place all their Kick samples in “Kick” folder and pd will count them and the use will be able to dial in or step through, for example for a test and because one-shots are relatively small in size i have 92 different kick sounds to choose from etc…

more soon!


Here is the BETA !!

the playing buttons are used for 6 FWD buttons 6 Buttons in Reverse 6 Clear and the last button is play

AUX buttons change sample except for the last CHannel

Press Aux once to record from a live input it will record about 2 seconds, the Red light will be one while recording
After it goes out press aux again to load the file

Most Channels have either a LPF or a HPF and the live has a little chorus

There is a simple Reverb on page 8

N stuff

When opening this on the Organelle first I get to a subfolder called ‘drums’ then hitting that takes me to a ‘no patches found… insert usb drive’ page …which is strange because all the other patches are present and work.

no clue with that. There’s a main.pd in the DM2017 folder.

there are many folders inside but drums is just one of them and hold the the default samples as opposed to the main ones.

the main.pd doesn’t seem to have made it into this dropbox folder. I guess it slipped the net, fled the coop, jumped the goose… and so on.

there was apparently a problem with the dropbox?
There was a little red x next to it maybe it was corrupt or damaged

i would wait a few moments before downloading again

I have had Dropbox poop out on me twice in the last month. I have plenty of space. I have no idea what happened, that would explain the issue with it looking through folders i assume :slight_smile:

Remember this is a beta and i think we could easily add a filter/effect to each drum voice BUT it should be something similar to teh smalle LPF/HPF ie something without tons of parameters. I am not sure i am liking the reverb. I tried a different one but i am going to browse for another one. i have a really nice gVerb LADSPA one that i can replace as well

Also maybe a smaller table for the recorded channel? I have been tweaking the speed to get more of a kick sound but i’ll wait for feedback before i slash it to bits.

GOOD NEWS is that MIDI seems to work and i FINALLY have [i think] a working wat to add midi to patches so i may consider adding midi to some older ones


Seems at the moment all I can get is output from reverbed signal - nothing plays when reverb level is 0%. When Reverb is up i just get a sort of faint whooshing repeating sound but doesn’t sound like a drum. I hear the drum samples when I load them but the sequencer doesn’t seem to be working as intended and won’t place sounds on the steps.

that’s correct AUX 8 turns the reverb on/off

You also have to press aux for each CHANNEL to load a drum file or else nothing is loaded

Try this
Start the Patch:
Go to AUX 8 and turn reverb off for now
GO to Programmer/Tempo and add a beat at 1, 5, 9 & 13

0 Kick
STEP, 1 AUX for ON, Step 5 AUX for ON etc…
Then Go to Channel Press Aux to load a Kick sound, adjust volumes. pitch
press last key [83] to turn on beat

i’l make a video, it’s the same system as i have used before, should work the same

Set voice
Set Step
On/off for step


once you get a beat then you can tweak the reverb and filters per voice for creative sounds

Followed directions and got it pumping out some tasty beats! Real nice actually. Cheers for the instructions man. x

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