Welcome Organelle S!

Great news! The Organelle S has arrived!

The Organelle S is for musicians who like what they see and hear in the Organelle M but don’t need the portability of the M 's battery power and speaker.

In all other functions, the S is identical to the M . They share same patches, processor, RAM, audio & MIDI connections, keys, knobs, screen, microphone, HDMI output, USB ports, and power adapter.

• The Organelle S is great for studios & pedal boards.
• The Organelle M is portable and autonomous!


I just got an M so this was a bit of a shock for a while. I’m relieved but at the same time surprised that the S doesn’t use the CM4. They cost pretty much the same and that would future-proof the new device.

It’s a good call to ditch the speaker, it’s low quality and distorts easily. Was it a common enough request that the S got released? I’m pretty sure the lower price will be warmly welcomed, especially in this day and age! The battery compartment is a pretty useful thing to have though so I’m happy with the M for that reason alone!

But maybe the price difference will be enough to help some O-1 owners upgrade to O-S so you could finally unleash the four cores for some high-fidelity patches. pd~ shows it can be done!

Interesting choice with the coarse-grained black. It’s a departure from the previous C&G color schemes I saw. Can’t decide if I like the black or the blue better. The blue is nice overall, and pretty grey in certain light which makes this particular hue look stunning. I wonder how black will look in various light conditions.

Also, a totally missed opportunity to name the forum category S&M :laughing: But as some other commenters are already pointing out, the existence of Small, and Medium implies existence of Large. I would be totally on board with that! The current 2-octave keyboard is quite tight. I miss the high C and heard from quite a few users that 16+ bottom keys would enable nice traditional step sequencer patches. But I digress!

All in all, congratulations on the release. Hope it sells well!

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Congratulations on the new release !

I like the black … really looks good with the wooden keys.

ooh, yeah, an Organelle L … like the Septvox


Oh man, this looks awesome. Add the screen, four more knobs (ideally endless encoders with state LEDs like on Novation Circuits so ORAC 2 page flipping becomes way more comfortable), and CM4… instabuy!

I’m a happy owner of an “OG”.
I have been working with puredata for many many years and Organelle (even the very first gen) is still my favorite platform to run it… Other pd coders should experience at some point how productive and rewarding is to have always a same set of controls and knowing that they will be able to share a patch that will run without problems and also without the need to configure / reconfigure anything…

But, said this… even without having to increase cpu speed or count, I can definitely think (and wish) about other ways to improve the organelle…
The display would be one of this areas where there is currently a lot of room for improvement… Even without getting into color & touch capabilities. The current display is ok for browsing, loading patches and displaying some parameters but it’s a bit too small to implement some nice visualizations, think something like an ableton clip launcher. or a nice, detailed step sequencer editor… yes, it could be done anyway but it doesn’t motivate coders to spend many hours doing beautiful graphics that then you can’t see much… The example of how different motivates even the same resolution display but with a bigger size and vari-brightness can be seen in the Norns… I think that is the “minimum” size needed for the graphics to look nice and keep the coders motivated…
2- Maybe backlit buttons is too much to ask for but… having at least 16 buttons in the bottom row of the keyboard (together w a slightly larger display) Would inspire coders (once again) to do many kinds of “classic” step sequencers…
Which brings me to point 3…: Just one Aux button makes it very difficult to think about designing patches where knobs / keyboard / etc are doing alternative functions…
Simply 4 buttons more, maybe even placed under the knobs, would already inspire easy but powerful stuff to do like pitchbend?, instant fx?, octave up/dwn?, just to name a few…
Knobs: I used to be an anti-encoder guy (for audio applications), specially those clicky, 24 step per rotation (Like the ones found in the op-1).
They are ok to scroll through values / load patches, etc, but they suck at smoothly change sound parameters… (pitch, cutoff… )
But now… If I had to design a platform in which the knobs perform different functions, I would definitely use “clickless”, hi-res encoders, similar to the ones used in ableton push, octatrack, maschine, etc, etc… and definitely doing more than 24 step per rotation… Because having to rotate four times in order to sweep through a parameter feels like an eternity (usually more than 1 bar…)…
More outputs… And, maybe, more inputs?.. Even an organelle-1 is powerful enough to act as an audio mixer / effects processor… At the same time. When someone is performing / improvising relying on loading formerly made sequences / samples / sounds / etc… Having a cue output would be super useful for those cases where you want to hear something before actually playing it in the P.a OR also if someone in a Jam wants to know in Which key are “the others” in… without stopping whatever audio you might be sending already and without pushing out into the wild “too many blue notes…”
Also… Having at least 4 outs, would allow the people to “DJ” with the organelle, because, why not?..

Analog joystick for pitchbend and/or whatever crazy stuff you want to map to a joystick.
Also, I would rather use an integrated lipo rather than batteries. and I will try to make the unit as flat as possible… (Also with low profile in the knobs) so the instrument would feel even more comfy= more often in your everyday backpack…


Congratulation and good luck with the new S-model. I am very happy with my M and really like the loudspeaker wich I found very practical to have for different reasons, f.e jamming along acoustic with other mucisians, very nice feedback playability, micing for a low tec soun, diverse experimental possibilities and so on. But I can see that some might rate the smaller size as more important so good to meet their need as well!

I’ve been eyeing the Organelle for a number of years now, but didn’t want to invest in the original after the M came out and really couldn’t bring myself to buy another synth with a speaker that I don’t need.

The S is now pushing me over the edge and I can’t wait until it becomes available here in Australia as shipping from the US is atrociously expensive.


this looks so sick, love it
well done

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just got one! yay!