Organelle + guitar pedal

Hi, I’m new to this world :slight_smile:

Is there a way to use guitar pedal with organelle m and direct all the output to the speaker?
Yesterday I tried to connect a bitcrusher pedal but it didn’t work.

like this:

thank youuuu

What’s the desired signal path?

Guitar —-> Pedal ——->organelle and internal speaker?

Think it through, check the manual, check the ins and outs on your stuff :+1:

i want to try something like this (if is possible):

Organelle —-> Pedal ——->organelle internal speaker

Im not sure if outputs are still active when you enable the speaker… If that was the case, then you use one channel for the feedback loop and another channel to send the audio to the speaker.

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Organelle Jack output and the output to the speaker are the same and as I understand it, inseparable.

The following could work, so long as the patch you are running monitors audio in as well as outputting an original sound source (synth etc) itself for the pedal to colour:

Organelle output jack → pedal → Organelle input jack

As Servandob points out though, this would result in a feedback loop, and not a direct line to the speaker. Still, might sound cool?

Possibly better to use an external mini-amp.

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