Basic Sample Player

Hey folks.
I’m wondering if anyone can help out.
I have a bass sample played from C2 - B3 and I am trying to find an existing patch that I can use to trigger it.
I have tried several patches and, unfortunately, they all have features which prevent simple playing of a sample.
I need the patch to allow for

no latency
playing full length of sample (unless key is released)

Have you tried sampler 24? I also use the newer “percussions” patch to play samples, sampler 24 has more options- especially messing with the tape head.

Hey dsoupz. Thanks for the reply.
I feel a bit daft. I’ve installed samper24-1shot (I’m assuming that this is the patch that you’re referring to, please correct me if I’m wrong) and I can’t get it to load any samples. I’ve loaded samples into it by putting .wav files #1-24 in the same folder as the patch but when I initiate, I just get a next page arrow and then a No Patches Found! message.

Ahh, you need to load the samples in the media folder in the root directory. There is a folder called “samples” - then you create kits with up to 24 wav files in each.

Ahhhh. That did it.
Thanks so much dsoupz.

Unfortunately, those patches are still polyphonic.
I need it to be monophonic.
I’m attempting to use it for a bass patch. Ideally, each key would play the full duration of their loaded sample with with the decay that was naturally recorded but as soon as you hit another key, the current sample would stop and the new one would start.

For the monophonic- “Sampler 24 oneshot” I am pretty sure is what you are looking for.