Chromatic Sample Player

Hey there, i know there is a few topics on this already but I haven’t really found a perfect solution

Is there any patch out there, which I can replace a .wav file with my own and have it play chromatically up and down the keys

Some issues i’ve had with other ones i’ve tried are;

  • Samples only playing during a key press - instead of the whole sample

  • Samples looping (similar to my first issue, when playing a short sample like a piano it’s hard to get the full note of the piano out if needing to whole the key down, but then risking having the sample loop)

I mention these first two issues as im trying to load in samples of a piano or celeste and it’s very difficult to play correctly with them

  • Settings such as attack or sample start being not set at 0% (Less of an issue but when opening a sample it would be playing at half speed or cutting off the first bit, so i have to adjust the settings each time)

Thanks so much!

I had a similar wish some months ago and ended up asking for a custommade patch for it. The patch of my dreams was then made by the very nice and skilful “t8r” and you can find it here: Multicoder | Patchstorage
It might not be exactly what you ask for but you can record a sample (line or mic), decide start and endpoint, change speed (also backwards or not going any direction possible) and change pitch. It has four tones polophony (which according to t8r easily could be chaged to more) and it will timestretch the sample wich is a dream come true. It will play the sample/sound as long as you press the key. If you set the endtime to maximum it wont repeat or if you just record a bit of silece after the sample. I don´t know how long a sample can be but pretty long anyway. I am very happy about this patch! Also the function to set the speed to zero is cool because it can then doing a infinity tone from f.e a pianosound. I also dicovered that it is possible to layer sounds by pressing a note and at the same time record a new one and holding the mic close to the loudspeaker, pretty cool!