One Shot Sampler

I have a Korg Microsampler, which I LOVE by the way!, and one of my favourite things about it is the one-shot sample mode. It means that that when I press a key and immediately release it, the whole sample is played . Most of you probably already know this.
Is there a patch for the Organelle which would allow me to do this?
It’s so useful in live performance.
If there isn’t a patch that has this capacity, is it feasible that someone might create one at some point in the future?
I’m a long way off being able to do this myself. I’m 44 and I’ve only just figured out the TV remote control…

Basic sampler (but keep in mind, that it uses max 2 sec samples) or Sampler style patches - check them out

Cool - thanks Ignacy. Guess I should’ve said , I want to be able to trigger samples that are 10 - 15 secs long…

Maybe the recorder patch?