Basic sampler

Hi Folks
I’m using Basic Sampler on Organelle , when I record a new sound into Basic Sampler and save it as Save New on Storage page . If I then re-open Basic Sampler it has not stored the new sound , it reverts to original sound in Basic Sampler. All other patches don’t do this . Can anyone shed any light on this?
One of the great things about Organelle is that you can mess around with original patch then save it as Save New then rename it later on computer as another patch.
Cheers Folks

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I actually have this issue for every patch that I try to save as new

save new only works on parameters in a patch that are marked as being persistent.
so this is very ‘patch dependent’, some patches will happily restore everything, others might miss a few things :slight_smile:

(often the parameters in the PD are represented as UI components, in the properties you will find the ‘init’ property which controls this - this is not the only possibility though, as sometimes the parameter might be hardcoded in a message… there are other possibilities, but these are the most common)