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I just want to know how to save samples in some patches. In so many descpriptions it says: “To save your sample use the Save or Save New in Storage Menu”

I don’t know how to do that.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Once you have your patch loaded and parameters where you want them and/or samples recorded, use the selector knob to scroll to the system menu and select the “storage” option. Selecting “save” will save your current patch as is, so next time you load it your current settings will populate. Selecting “save new” will perform the same function, however instead of overwriting the current patch defaults, it will create a new patch saved with your current parameters/samples that will be distinguished by a sequential number after the patch name. Using save new you end up with two patches in your library, the original with default settings/samples, and a duplicate with your current settings/samples.

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Thank you!

a quick note… some newer patches (including Orac2) now use samples that are stored in the media folder - so they are not associated with the location of the patch, so ‘save new’ won’t work, but the patch should instead enable you to select samples.

btw: if you use save new, you can often rename the patches to something more meaningful.

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Cool thank you…didn’t know that!

btw: Unbelievable what you created with Orac! It was the reason why I bought the Organelle :slight_smile:
It definitely has a learning curve but a very rewarding one. GREAT WORK!

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