Sample Memory/Storage Problem

i am positive that the organelle would always save the last sample you record. i use it live frequently and it is handy feature.

all of a sudden mine has started to revert to the default sample if i move away from the patch…

any tips?

That is standard behaviour in some patches - it depends on the patch really. Which one are you talking about?

just basic sampler and arpeggio sampler. i was sure they used to hold samples….perhaps i am confused and it is only nori that does??

so perhaps basic and arpeggio don’t? is there a similar patch to either of these that does?


Are you on the beta OS? I haven’t actually tested yet but assumed that ‘save’ or ‘save as new’ would give you what you want?

thanks for the tip. update OS. see the options for save/save new.

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if you you like open the patch get properties on the array, then click/check save contents

thanks. the os update save/save new options are doing more than i need now! thanks

I’m surprised to hear the OS updates affect behavior like saving samples? Is this the case?

All the C&G patches were updated to use the OS v2.1 save mechanism. So they don’t save things like buffered recordings or sequences unless you tell it to under the System menu. This behavior can be easily changed however.

you can also download a previous release of the patches that didn’t have this behavior (pre OS 2.1):

(all the releases here btw)

But after checking out the old Arpeggio Sampler and Basic Sampler, it looks like they never held onto the recorded sample… so now I’m confused!

Sampler Style REC does though right?
@Generationloss We should use this as the basis for the ‘Microsampler’ patch.

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