Bastl Thyme - poss future Organelle patch?

Looks fun -

Pre-organelle I’d have been gassing pretty hard on it but it feels like the kind of Organelle patches that’ll maybe be showing up after OKontrol arrives (esp when used in conjunction with OT :wink: Thought I’d post anyway tho as it seems to have a nice feature set that someone might be down for trying to mimic/expand on…

Also got me thinking, I don’t think I’ve come across any Organelle patches yet that record or sequence automation? Any out there?

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Automated parameter values ala Volcas, Pocket Operators etc you mean? Would be amazing on an effects patches! I guess in the mean time, you could use trigless trig-locked cc value changes on your OT midi sequencer? I think this would work? Only for one page of parameters though of course.

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You can creat/record automations pretty easily with writing to a table or a qlist. It’s not difficult.
What is the Thyme an effect box?

Cool, sounds like another thing I can hopefully figure out how to shoehorn in to some existing patches at some point. Surprised to not see it in any already…

Yeah, Thyme’s like a sequencable multifx thing. Looks pretty fun.

Need to check OT + Organelle combo out… So it’s only the 4 ‘current page’ params that can be automated at present then? I haven’t tried/researched Organelle CC stuff at all yet…
My Din>USB midi solution is currently pretty ghetto but will try it out tonight. Need to grab a dedicated box asap…

no not at all, you can automate anything and there are tons of patches with automation in pure data i did not want to give yo that impression. assign a variable line~/line function to any slider and there you go. One of my patches this summer i was playing with this idea of “wandering” which is like this: You set the parameter limits and then the time you want it to play with and the values interpolate randomly between the two poles, similar to Koan from SSEYO back in the mid 1990s
Eno was a big suuporter of it. Its an algorithmic technique.


I am still VERY interested in this

You could control any parameter in a patch from octatrack or other midi sequencer IF you went into the patch and attached a cc value to it in PD, but otherwise it is just the 4 knob parameters on your active page isn’t it. So it can be done but not without work and keeping note of cc’s for patches somewhere - however seems like 0-knob might clear up that problem soon!

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or if you have mapped stop/starts to playing buttons you could potentially have a bunch more if i am thinking correctly

curious if anyone tried this? >.>

send me one and i’ll emulate it and send it back