Beatstep pro users question

I am about to get a beatstep pro to control my organelle…
I have only 1 q , meybe any bsp user can help me out
When i am on the sequencers , for example sequencer 1 or 2
The knobs control pitch, velocity and gate so far so clear
What does the “shift” control in the drum sequencer?

And is it possible in control mode (with orac midi learn) to have more than 16 knobs controlling parameters like controlerbanks
Bank 1 - 16 knobs
Bank 2 - 16 knobs and so on
Or maybe to choose sequencer 1 controlmode
Sequencer 2 control mode
And drum sequencer control mode
I can’t find any information about that in the www
Maybe someone has a bsp at home and could chek it out or mybe somebody knos it?