Organelle + Beatstep Pro

Can anyone help me understand if it’s possible to use the organelle with Arturia’s Beatstep Pro??

Hi, Yes you can use the Organelle & Beatstep together!

The Organelle sends MIDI In & Out via USB-MIDI. USB class compliant devices like Beatstep will automatically connect to the Organelle (no additional drivers needed).

If you wanted to use MIDI cables to connect the two, you will need a USB-to-MIDI adapter like this one: for the Organelle and whatever adapters the Beatstep needs for the 1/8" MIDI In/Out jacks.

Hello community !!!

Was wondering if it works also with the beatstep ( not the pro version ).

Ty !

Top! Also interested in this. It’d be great to have a visual representation of the sequencing available on some of the Organelle’s patches.

Hi there!

I hope this is the right place to ask:

It should in fact be possible to synch the Beatstep Pro to the Organelle via the USB Port (that is not making use of the DIN Midi Ports of the Beatstep)? I’m desperately trying without success :frowning:
I easily succeed to synch the Beatstep to Ableton via USB, the Organelle to Ableton via Ableton Link. Also the Organelle is recognizing the Beatstep Pro in its Midi Settings. And I assume it would work via a USB Midi to DIN Midi interface (but I don’t have one of those at hand right now).

Did any of you try this setup? I’m grateful for any help or hints!!

What are your Organelle’s MIDI settings? What are the MIDI settings of the Beatstep Pro?

Which Organelle patch are you trying to sync? If you are looking to sync tempo, not all Organelle patches have a tempo (in BPM) setting…

oh, thank you so much for getting back so quickly! here are my settings:


Midi In: Enabled
Midi In Ch.: Omni
Midi Out: Enabled
Midi Out Ch.: 1

I tried various patches (some of those which have a bpm parameter), eg Computer Rhythm, Euclidian Rhythms, Metronome, orac, Polybeats, DRG32VV, Pow Pow Polybeats.

Beatstep Pro:

User Channel: 1
Seq1 Send MIDI Channel: 1
Seq1 Rcv MIDI Channel: 1
Seq2 Send MIDI Channel: 2
Seq2 Rcv MIDI Channel: 2
Drum Send MIDI Channel: 10
Drum Rcv MIDI Channel: 10



Clock In/Out Settings: tried ‘24ppq’ and ‘1 step’
Tap Tempo: 4
Tempo: Project
Wait to Load Project: Off
Wait to Save Project: Off

Have you check your midi Split cable ? Do you have another synth to test ?
FYI it must work, mine is ok and it’s so much fun especially with orac.

Hey Tony, good to know that yours is working! Just to make it clear: I’m attempting to sync over USB-MIDI, not the Clock In and Out of the Beatstep. Maybe that is not possible? And yes, the USB cable is working fine when I connect the Beatstep to the Mac.
But yeah am I looking forward to use the organelle in my minimal setup (including the new and fun behringer neutron) - I’m dreaming of arpeggio heaven!

Ok, so USB/USB … that’s how mine is working.
I remember i had to do something bzfore it work. Don’t have my organelle right now but I believe i had to save midi configuration in the menu.
I’ve found solution watching technobear video about midi settings.

Thanks Tony! I watched the video and had a look at ‘’ file. It seems right:

aconnect “Arturia BeatStep Pro:0” “Pure Data:0”
aconnect “Pure Data:1” “Arturia BeatStep Pro:0”

but still no love between the Organelle and the Beatstep Pro. No tempo synch, and not even Midi notes. While connecting other Midi Keyboard (Novation SL MK2) is working fine. So strange…

I’ll have a look this weekend about my configuration and keep you in touch.

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@matomat which version of the OS are you using 3.1?

for one midi device, you should not need to edit, you should just be able to use
Settings->midi settings
select the device, (twist the encoder to see if there is more than one choice, there might be!)
then press ‘save’

(first concentrate on notes, look at tempo later, as not all patches support midi clock tempo sync)

if this does not work, run my diagnostic tool (search forum for details ) with the beat step pro connected, and a PD patch running… then post results onto somewhere like dropbox, and I can see if its connected properly, of if there is some advance configuration needed.

note the above will populate correctly.
really you only need to usually edit for multiple midi devices,
BUT if you do this, then as mentioned in the video, what you should do is first get them working separately, you can then check for the lines required to be added for a multi device setup.

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@matomat : this is the “trick” i couldn’t remember. It should work now ! @thetechnobear : thanks ! I remember I’ve scratched my head few minutes before understanding I have to select the device (by twisting the encoder) then save the setting.

wow, thank you @thetechnobear and @TonyLB for your kind support!! will try all your suggestions (hopefully tonight) and report back asap.

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ok, I got some good and some not so good news after some more tests.

midi notes do work now, as well as the sync (for tempo sync abled patches, of course) as long as the organelle syncs to the beatstep. the problem has been that I made use of arturias split cable (with dedicated inputs for PC and POWER) due to an annoying groundloop that occured when the beatstep connected via cv outs to the neutron. as soon as I connect the organelle directly all this works fine.

now, I was hoping for a setup with the organelle as a master (actually synched to Ableton via Link for recording scenarios), the beatstep tempo syncing to the organelle and sending out cv to the neutron and din midi to other devices. but the tempo goes crazy as soon as I set the beatstep to USB sync mode. tried many different sync settings (which I assume are not even relevant here but only to the clock in and out ports).

@thetechnobear does it make sense to run the diagnostic patch anyway?

anyway, I’m glad that at least you guys pointed me to the right direction!

ok, so sounds like you have midi setup ok…

so issue from what your saying now is, using organelle as master… so sending clock to beatstep.

if it ‘goes crazy’ that sounds like a midi loop,
something like organelle is sending clock to beatstep, and then its sending it back to the organelle… perhaps there is an option on the beatstep to disable it sending midiclock… so that it receives sync, but doesn’t send it (i.e. its a slave)

honestly the easiest way to test is to edit the patch to disable midi clock input (temporarily) and see if this stops it, if it does you know its a midi loop…

but it sounds like something on the beatstep side rather than the organelle, which is just sending out clock, and not expecting it to come back :wink:

I guess that, as usually, what you’re saying is making a lot of sense!
I can’t figure out how to disable the Beatstep from sending midi clock though, tried all the relevant settings.

So as you suggested I edited the Metronome Organelle patch and disconnected its midirealtimein - and it’s working!! Can’t tell anything about how accurate the synchronisation is (will test later). But can confirm: It was a midi loop causing the hyperspeed craziness.

I guess there isn’t an elegant way of disabling the Organelles Patches Midi In globally? As I’d like to avoid editing all the patches and having two versions. Of course I’m also thinking about other ways of achieving my sync: Midi DIN / Midi Interface or actually accepting the fact that it might be easier to just have the Beatstep being the master.

Anyway, thank you so much for your help (and all the other interesting stuff that you’re sending our way! It’s very much appreciated)!

Just an FYI, the diagnostic log patch is here. Don’t know if it works on the organellem, I’ll try to remember to post back to confirm or otherwise