Orac: midi learn to BeatStep Pro

Still figuring out orac. I’ve recently realized that I can sequence three separate orac synths simultaneously with my BeatStep Pro. Just now I’ve figured out how to set the midi ins of chains 1,2,&3 to 10(drum),1,&2 respectively. So cool. I’m totally elated. :))

Now I’d like to use midi learn to assign controls, like reverb amount, over to knobs on the BeatStep Pro. I’m having the darnedest time trying to get this to work. No idea why. From Mark’s initial orac video, I’ve deduced that the midi learn feature should be fairly straightforward. It seems like I should be able to check the midi learn box on my organelle, get into my reverb module, twiddle the amount knob, and move any of the 16 encoders atop my BeatStep Pro. Then, presto, I ought to see/hear the value change.

Can anyone lend illumination to my struggle?

hi lottaducks,
did research a few days ago on the beatstep to control the orac 2.0.
i’ve found that the only assignable knobs are the one of the control mode. you can’t, in my knowledge, correct me if i’m wrong, assign the knobs of the 3 tracks.
look in the manual.
hope that helps, somehow …

Aw rats. Good to know, though!
Thanks (: