Behaviour of the Punchy patch

The punchy patch is one of my favorites and I’m building some song ideas around it, but I have a problem that I’m wondering if it can be solved in pure data.
Even though the patch allows the tempo to be set, if I want to change the note that’s playing (in latch mode) it’s nearly impossible to press the keys perfectly in time, so the tempo will float whenever I change notes. On fast tempos it’s not so evident, but on slower ones it’s really difficult to nail it and keep a steady arpeggio.
This would be easily “fixed” if the new note would only start after the previous arpeggio finishes, meaning that if I press on a new note halfway through the playing arpeggio, it wouldn’t change the note immediately but only after the that arpeggio finishes.

Does this make sense? is it possible to change the behaviour of the patch in the programming?


Just been looking through the forum for this very issue. Did you find a solution yet?
I remember on my microbrute’s arpeggiator, you can set it so it will either play the first note of the arpeggio as soon as you press a key, or will wait until the end of the cycle before sounding the first note.