Updated Patches

We just released a bunch of updates to the ‘factory’ patches. As always they can be downloaded from the patches page. We also added a link at the top of the page for downloading the entire set of patches.

The updates include a bunch of small fixes, including tweaking the volume level of each patch to keep them consistent. All patches that allow sequencing have an updated sequencer that sends out MIDI notes and saves the sequence. Patches that utilize a metronome (e.g. the arpeggio patches) now send MIDI clock output (in addition to syncing to MIDI clock input), so they can control downstream MIDI gear.


So what’s the story with this ‘Punchy’ patch? Any details on what it does? It’s a bit confusing to me.
Big thanks for taking care of all that! This a huge improvement to an already very robust machine.

hey since updating the poly beats patch it has started jumping around weirdly when I am adding and subtracting the different drum sounds as the pattern is playing?? any advice for what to look for? I am using one of those midi to usb cables (a roland one) but it does no matter what is connected to it…

Its sort of like it skips a step when adding in a new sound

@baremountain, The Punchy patch is a new one, sorry for lack of documentation! Basically you hold the Aux button for a few seconds to enter ‘punch in’ mode. Then you can punch in a sequence up to 32 notes long. Press Aux to exit, and the sequence will then be transposed on each key. Fun for creating weird arpeggios and melodies.

@Jessssssse That doesn’t sound good. I’ll take a look. So it does this even when no MIDI is connected?

yea I tried a few different configurations, reset the organelle, no midi, with midi etc. seems to be the same…

hmmm, trying the new one and not experiencing anything different. Did you replace any of the built in sound files with your own?

do you have example sound / video of it messing up?

hey yes I have two versions one with original sounds and one with my own but they both do it…unusual…I can also see the light sometimes jump a bit…I am going to send a video right now!

Hey I uploaded a video here its kind of hard to tell but if you watch u can also see that the light sometimes jumps a bit, these are different than the stock sounds but its identical with the stock patch as well…

sorry for another post :slight_smile: when it is sending midi out the jumping is a lot more obvious as well as the sequence running on another drum machine will continue and the organelle will jump so the organelle shifts ahead from the other drum machine…Can sound really cool just not all the time…

Ahhh, Thanks for this. Yeah, when I ‘fixed’ the metronome I overlooked a problem causing the tick clock to reset on each key press, causing the problem.

I just updated it, so it should be working as normal now. Check it out

oh wow!! amazing! This has actually given me some conceptual ideas of how some sort of swing knob might be implemented…thanks for the hard work :slight_smile: