Organelle: changing patches while remaining sync'd to Clock

Is it possible to change an Organelle patch mid-sequence, in real time, and have it remain sync’d to MIDI clock?

I am driving my Organelle via Pro Tools — the Organelle receives clock from PT and passes it on to my modular rig via a little Mio USB MIDI interface. It works great about 99.9% of the time.

The problem I’m having is that I need to change the patch on the Organelle while it is receiving MIDI clock. Doing so causes the clock to hiccup for a second while the new patch loads. Once loaded, the Organelle readjusts sync to the clock, and ironically, the modular doesn’t seem to miss a beat (great news!) The sequencer in the new Organelle patch, however, seems to be out of sync with itself (bad news!)

BTW, the two patches I am toggling between are “Analog Synth 2019” and “Arpeggio Synth 2019”. Both of the patches are old, beta versions, I believe, but both have the SEQ-3 sequencer component, which I am using. Notably, I updated both of the patches with a new metronome file I got from Oweno several years ago via this thread, and they have worked flawlessly for me ever since (excepting this new circumstance).

Any tips on how to navigate this conundrum? Thanks!

Found a workaround by loading the new patch in real time on the Organelle, giving the clock a chance to re-sync (like a measure), and then re-loading the same patch again. This seems to lock it into place.

Just need some musical noise to cover up the seam, and I think I’ll be OK!

If all patches work in orac then that’s probably the best option, no need to switch, just have both running at the same time.

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