Best basic synthesizer patches

Hey there gang -

Future new user here (the M is in the mail, as they say LOL)…

Being a simple guy, I’d like to ease into my use of the Organelle, and wanted to first explore it from just a basic synthesizer perspective. Was wondering if I could trouble you for your favorite synth-only patches, and any hot takes you may have with them?

I’m already lining up the following for download:

  • KS Strings
  • Aquarius 4
  • CZZ Multi
  • Faust DX7

Any others I should consider? Appreciate your time and input! :slight_smile:

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Chill Time
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I mean basically every single synth patch on patchstorage is worth exploring and trying out.

Of course the C&G patches that come installed are also great and cover a huge variety of sounds.

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You should check out Vitamin Lead 8. It sounds fantastic


Thank so much for the feedback!